September Instagram

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I know everyone says this but summer always goes way too fast. It is nice to be constantly progressing though... I enjoy the change. This month has been a struggle for me mentally and physically. Starting college again can bring temporary added stress. Reason why I love what I do... is it keeps me in balance. Having this blog to post pictures I love and share things I find interesting is the best thing I can do for my creativity. Without it... I would feel lost.

 photo 10684275_548816478579869_126956059_n_zps2cf33e46.jpg  photo 1168373_653084224806065_1579257997_n_zpsfdf56658.jpg  photo 10643904_1502071296728235_1809424364_n_zps58e556d0.jpg  photo 925313_724575714282276_502652797_n_zps01c89edf.jpg  photo 10616981_805781602786004_1719541921_n_zpsc541d6cd.jpg  photo 10666085_1489151834704633_1041169190_n_zps55682fb2.jpg  photo photo2_zps78de2b84.jpg
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