October Instagram

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And another month down. Crazy how time can fly. My semester is almost over and I am really looking forward to all the holidays to come. October was definitely an exciting month. I am really happy about all the new people I have met and the experiences I have done. I continue to try to handle the heavy weight of stress and responsibilities. Some days I can do it, and others I can't. For the first time since I started college I have really started to enjoy myself. I've come to the realization that you are meant to do what you want now while you can. While you're young. On another note, I am really experimenting with my style. I picked up a pair of classic vans high tops. I have been really into the "sporty look". You know.... jerseys, mesh, stripes, leather, and chucks. I just bought myself an oversized vertical striped baseball tee (mens of course) and am obsessed with it. I just need to find a black leather baseball hat and I'm set. It's good to have phases, you learn what is working for you in that moment.

 photo 926570_783516985055327_40926684_n_zps91f33792.jpg  photo 10734982_977015912324893_900803340_n_zps95bc39ed.jpg  photo 10731943_357144041125645_1784597687_n_zps1fb396c1.jpg  photo 10693673_292017454328948_1071211121_n_zpsfcc99b42.jpg  photo 10748461_718803538204043_1514845308_n_zpsf6efc216.jpg  photo 10748086_282399958615880_168673871_n_zps2ff1d627.jpg  photo 10748429_348504188650572_1415495906_n_zps4487fdbd.jpg
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