October Inspiration

 photo tumblr_my7d51fChX1qmqgfdo1_500_zpsb57f1c89.jpg
I know these images don't represent October but this is what is influencing me this month. I have been studying a lot of old architecture and really like what I am discovering. I find my style to be a modern day "renaissance" of old and new influences. I am still looking for some cool graphic art pieces and some sculptural art to give my wall some character. So far October has brought up some past memories... moments I took for granted during my youth. I am hoping to reinvent those carefree events again. Fall is starting to seem like the perfect time to try things I have always wanted to try. And most importantly not force anything that wasn't meant to be... Lots of love... as always.

 photo tumblr_nanms3OjKD1qazha9o1_1280_zpsa13ad0ec.jpg  photo tumblr_n7viut3vGM1rs8w78o1_1280_zpsf6f48eaf.jpg  photo tumblr_n3bdpo6Q8p1sqjlogo1_1280_zps6451cd1e.jpg  photo tumblr_naqfwpchK91trnxh3o1_1280_zps224b8f2c.jpg  photo tumblr_ncuzp1iaLI1trnxl3o1_1280_zps3d1f6b0d.jpg  photo tumblr_mxr8dhTEpE1qmix1to1_400_zpscc54b591.jpg  photo tumblr_n8gst8kAl01qe78lgo1_1280_zps6a5523bc.jpg  photo tumblr_mteep784pt1qekeawo1_1280_zps300882e3.jpg  photo tumblr_n95zxbZm4N1rlproko1_500_zpsc655993a.jpg  photo tumblr_mz50lvkaAo1rc2ub3o1_500_zps6e579ae1.jpg
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