photo tumblr_nd9skqH2Pb1qe31lco1_500_zps1955ff13.jpg
Really pissed at myself for losing the artists name on this one... but I thought I would share these pieces anyways. Really love the pastel color choices made by the artist. Very nice hues, super dreamy. And of course, you can't beat the texture.

 photo tumblr_nd9skqH2Pb1qe31lco2_500_zps155bffa5.jpg  photo jreihsen_body_double_15x15_acrylic_on_panel_zpsd4af4341.jpg  photo IMG_5651_zpse21cf303.jpg  photo IMG_5637_zpsb26af24c.jpg  photo JReihsen_Canyoutellmehowtogettonewport_11x11_Acryliconpanel_zps61616c90.jpg   
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