Hermēs Enamel Bracelet

 photo tumblr_mx5n26rLxF1qak3nwo1_500_zpsc60a40ae.jpg
I am in serious need of a black or white Hermēs bracelet. That's one thing I don't currently have in my current collection. I need a enamel bangle bracelet. I have always been a fan of Hermēs jewelry. When I first started learning about fashion I always found myself gravitating towards these bracelets not knowing who they were made by. I think these bracelets give just the right amount of class without being too serious. I am going to have a really hard time deciding on a color. Thoughts are "don't choose black don't choose black".... Thinking white with gold hardware would be insanely gorgeous.

 photo tumblr_n4lfqfdvSf1sfsrndo1_500_zpsb5d969bd.jpg  photo tumblr_lwxm2iPB0P1qhil6zo1_500_zps535d7cd7.jpg  photo tumblr_me86c7xUYm1qe0b0io1_500_zpsd9d5649a.jpg  photo tumblr_mvqwrjRCGG1sweciio1_500_zpsdcc11056.jpg
 photo tumblr_mxjbo86hJT1sfsrndo1_500_zps29e078df.jpg
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