Cara Delevigne for "John Hardy" Campaign

 photo 1411470344069_wps_34_Cara_Delevingne_strips_of_zps454f08d6.jpg  photo 1411470039705_wps_16_Cara_Delevingne_strips_of_zps814135b8.jpg  photo 1411470061391_wps_18_Cara_Delevingne_strips_of_zps929f773d.jpg  photo 1411470052536_wps_17_Cara_Delevingne_strips_of_zpsd7f6ae95.jpg  photo 1411470069504_wps_19_Cara_Delevingne_strips_of_zps482546f3.jpg  photo tumblr_ncd9grRzoq1stb4d1o1_500_zps97307c6b.jpg  photo 1411470081981_wps_20_Cara_Delevingne_strips_of_zps935b011a.jpg
Obsessed with this photo shoot for Tom Hardy's new Jewelry campaign. The setting of the ocean was almost too perfect. The jewelry gives me a very ethereal sense of what jewelry should look like. And of course Cara Delevigne was the obvious choice on this one.
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