Balenciaga Cutout Boots

 photo tumblr_mmd4r1M06y1qid9glo1_1280_zpscac28a86.jpgSeriously don't know why I haven't written a post about these amazing shoes. These have been on my wish-list for the longest time. The design of this shoe is unlike anything I have seen before. I am a sucker for boots and ones with gold/silver buckles. 

 photo tumblr_mm7lu1HbDu1qfrtudo1_1280_zps4e77d439.jpg  photo tumblr_mym2nenabv1qi1c6wo1_1280_zps578d904f.jpg  photo tumblr_mhrgabQOAF1qd36rxo1_1280_zps00cbd6f7.jpg  photo tumblr_mrik87Kzkr1qkgaeko1_1280_zps317e9077.png
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