July Inspiration

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So far the month of July has started off well. I have fallen back into my love for interior design. It is quite a guilty pleasure of mind. I have a true appreciation for people with good taste. In love with these NYC apartments with the contrast of red and white brick shown behind lush trees. Just heavenly. I especially love bright airy rooms with lots of natural lighting. I have included a few fashion outfits. I am definitely trying out this double white lace outfit. Perfection. As of yet, I have been lusting over two bags, the CHANEL small Boy bag in suede/gunmetal hardware and the Balenciaga Classic City. There  is a lot happening these next two months. Exciting travels and purchases to come.

 photo tumblr_n3a8p8QIPi1qbvkoao1_1280_zps5dc8077e.jpg  photo tumblr_n6u5krtDJX1rhwvt5o1_1280_zps260beb0d.jpg  photo tumblr_n5u323GApG1r2g0czo1_1280_zps6843b9c8.jpg  photo tumblr_mn84673LoE1qepwalo1_1280_zps11e85659.jpg
 photo tumblr_n7ap7bsaAX1qbv6g6o1_500_zps82a4775c.jpg  photo tumblr_n6ggxuR5tr1qdsqp6o1_1280_zps719ffbea.jpg  photo tumblr_mwsvfgfuEX1qfrtudo1_1280_zps977370f8.jpg photo tumblr_n6e9ybfY7E1rmfv8to1_500-1_zps353238d2.jpg  photo tumblr_n2skerroHy1qkbsr1o1_500_zps24febd35.jpg  photo tumblr_n1f6onCke51socmwso1_500_zps289cfc8e.jpg
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