The best Bronzers + Highlighters for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to start wearing bronzer if you are not doing so already. Start experimenting with contouring your face. You would be surprised with how much you can do with it.

1. Urban Decay Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is a really nice matte dark brown.
2. If you are looking for an all over natural glow, Urban Decay "Sunny Bunny" achieves that look.
3. Another great matte bronzer is "Laguna" by Nars. This bronzer is perfect for wanting a contoured line.
4. Obssessed with this bronzer called "Hoola" by Benefit. Comes with a contouring brush do create an accurate contoured line.

I never new how important highlighting is when it comes to make up. It can change your entire face by just highlighting  where your light hits your face. Here are my favorites.

1. This Nars Illuminator gives you a peachy glow with just a swipe of the finger.
2. "High Beam" by Benefit has a super sweet applicator that simplifies this step for you. Simply swipe some on your brow bone and cheek bones above your blush/bronzer.
3. If you are not looking for a liquid highlighter, Laura Mercier has a highlighting powder that gives a flawless finish.
4. Lastly, Watt's Up! by Benefit is a stick version of the "High Beam" also by Benefit. It is just personal preference which form of highlighter you like. Liquid, stick, or powder.
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