Room Update | IKEA RIGGA Clothing Rack

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Hi everyone! Thought I would share my new clothing rack I got from IKEA yesterday for $13. Yes $13. I know.... what a steal. Anyways, I have the tiniest room, meaning I run into everything. So I am always trying to figuring out ways to improve my way of living and getting the most out of a small space. A problem I face is storage. I have a lot of clothes, some that need more care than others. That being said I felt guilty cramming all my clothes in my closet. I never thought I would be able to get a clothing rack (have wanted one for ages) because of my room being so small but IKEA had the perfect size. And when I mean perfect, just look at how nicely it fits (34'' wide). I would say it was meant to be. I am also really happy that I get to display my bags (I mean I paid a left arm for them) so I should be able to look at them everyday. I plan on switching out clothes from season to season or just displaying my favorites or most frequently used items. IKEA has a solution to every situation regarding storage and small spaces. Perfect if you live in an apartment!

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