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May is the month I started Summer break and for some reason it seems like taking finals was such a long time ago. Maybe because I am so buzzy with work and running this site. Anyways nothing too exciting has happened yet. Just enjoying my time with friends. It is nice to see friends you haven't seen in a while. I picked up a few Mac goodies this month. I have been searching for the perfect vampy lipstick shade and I knew Mac would certainly have it. This Mac lipstick is in "satin". Again I picked up a lip liner in "beet". This is the first lip liner I have ever purchased and wow does it make a difference. I do not have very defined lips so this lip liner really shapes my lips nicely. Lastly I discovered this really gorgeous Dior oxblood red nail polish  I know it isn't Fall but I don't care. This nail polish was too pretty not to buy! This Dior nail polish is in "970". This is the third Dior nail polish I own and I am quite happy with the quality. I think of all the high end nail polish brands I like Dior the best. I think it is because they have the most colors that appeal to me. Moving on to my desk setup. I will shortly be doing a video/post on quick fixes for your room. Furthermore, snapped a pic of an outfit I wore one day. Striped tees and light wash denim are stables for Summer...

I am telling you you can't go wrong! Again, I really like the color combination with nude flats. So cute. Also during the month of May, my friend and I enjoyed a refreshing hike in Temescal canyon and afterwards recovered at Cafe Vida in the Palisades. Such a good place I don't know why I don't eat there more often. In a previous post you would know I bought my self a clothing rack (finally!) but here is another close up shot. As you can see I am quite pleased. Moving on to another adventure in May. I found myself in the mountains waiting for the sun to set. Thought this was a cool pic. Love how blue the sky is. Lastly, I thought I would share with you guys these amazing cookies I found. I can not go a day without something sweet and I discovered these vegan walnut chocolate chip cookies at Trader Joes. In my opinion these taste way better than regular cookies and somehow are still chewy and delicious. I have started to choose vegan options more recently. I could never go vegan because I love meat too much but I don't think I would miss dairy. I find I feel better without it. Hoped you enjoyed my month of May diary. photo 10431913_1488755184672277_1619999131_n_zps435b9fc2.jpg  photo 10354362_1484760188424956_1965906517_n_zps44ec8fd5.jpg  photo 10369368_505237976271214_992731615_n_zpsc9c79dc0.jpg  photo 10362067_256789591191570_2110655591_n_zps16b2f325.jpg  photo 10354339_757543640963364_716807228_n_zpse38fa800.jpg  photo 1742711_668645399875793_2141028840_n_zps0500e5e9.jpg
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