May Inspiration

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Happy month of May! I am officially out of school! I can't wait to start enjoying another summer. Looking forward to spending some time at home near the ocean, sippin' on iced coffee (want to try making my own), and continuing to grow my style with beauty + fashion. Big things to come for StyleinCali... stay tuned and have a great summer!

 photo tumblr_n28e4seT9A1qkww7to1_500_zps6fa26362.jpg  photo tumblr_n2estjGkJg1rpwhvdo1_1280_zps98fc0154.jpg  photo tumblr_n1p3ohFFXt1s4rs2to1_1280_zps3017391a.jpg  photo tumblr_mq651e32vr1r3bjsao1_500_zps7d7050ca.jpg photo tumblr_mt8re6Y6jD1qktivxo1_500_zps3222da8c.jpg  photo tumblr_mva8itY9881qaoqu9o1_1280_zps9dcd5293.jpg  photo tumblr_n0yl9rHK7U1qlc52yo1_1280-1_zps8abe0a8f.jpg
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