Buying an Investment Bag

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The reason Chanel continues to have success and grow its brand is it is consistent with keeping its image classy and quality high. Keep a limited quantity and your demand will always follow. I have seen over the past few years, the price and value of Chanel purses have sky rocketed. Serious purse fanatics (such as myself) look to purses as an investment. When I tell people this they look at me like I am crazy. "How can a purse be an investment?" you may ask. The same way people invest in cars. You buy them, you use them, then you re-sell them. There are two types of bag investors. One; who will never sell their bag but consider the bag as a long term investment use. Meaning this bag will last me several years and I will never need to buy another bag until then (yeah right). Two; there is the other women who needs to buy every trendy bag she can get her hands on. But she knows in a few years she might want to replace it with a new bag. Knowing the bag she purchases will hold its value (or even gain in value) will urge someone to invest in an expensive bag. I personally could never sell my bags. I don't know about you, but I start to grow a relationship with my bag and parting ways sounds like a terrible idea.

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Steps to take when investing in a bag:
1. Price
Before falling in love with every designer handbag out there.... set a price point to narrow down your search. Deciding on which bag to splurge on is overwhelming enough. Clear your head by setting a price and sticking to it.
2. Purpose
What is the purpose of this bag? Are you using it for school, work, travel, socially?
3. Functionality
How would you like to use your bag? Do you need a small, medium, or large bag? Do you need long straps, short straps, a cross body, over the shoulder bag? Make sure it fits all your stuff. Do not settle for a bag that is too small, too heavy, or uncomfortable.

4. Style
When looking at the style of a bag everyone has a personal preference. You know what you like. Do not let anyone influence your purchase. Important notes to look at are color, material, and versatility. Color is important in deciding what time of year you want to wear your bag. Is this bag for Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, or year round? Dark burgundies  browns, and blacks are associated with Fall and Winter. Pastel blues, oranges, pinks are seen in Spring. Tans, white, bright colors are normally for summer. Material is also a big factor in deciding on your bag. Do you want leather, suede, nylon? It matters in how you will care for your bag. Can't wear suede leather when it rains (it will ruin it!). Lastly, versatility will help you decide how much you will get out of your bag. Make sure the bag you decide on goes well with your wardrobe and accessories. You will use the bag more if it goes with everything you wear!
5. Don't settle
Do not (I repeat) do not settle for a bag you do not want. If they do not have your size, color, or the exact bag you want do not compromise for something else. You will regret it and still want the first bag you initially wanted. Be patient, and hope karma comes your way! Once you get your bag, make sure to enjoy it! Do not have buyers remorse. It is only a bag, it is only money. As my Mom always says you have your health and your family. (What really matters).
Hope this post was helpful to those who can't decide whether or not to invest in an expensive bag!
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