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 photo tumblr_mrn8fuOwFi1rmwyjio1_1280_zps09caeb48.jpgIt's that time of year again when you can start dusting off your old sunglasses or better yet buy a new pair. During the summer, sunglasses are the best accessories you can have. I am definitely on the hunt to find the perfect sunnies to wear all summer long. I came across which specializes in sunglasses. They have a great selection of colors, prints, and styles to fit everyones face. I sometimes have difficulty finding a pair that look good on my face but makes it easy with the "try on" method which helps you find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face! One more thing about is I love the affordable prices, surely going to pick up a few pairs. I have picked my favorite sunglasses to share with you guys.

 photo tumblr_m59hbm1nwa1rve5w3o1_500_zpsac1ab766.jpg  photo tumblr_mfwcsl6CRu1qgck8so1_500_zpse18da5fa.jpg  photo tumblr_mnhsil2aiD1qj6yu8o1_500_zps34078242.jpg
 photo IpanemaSun_WhiteTortoise_Front_zpsd87a80a9.jpg
 photo IpanemaSun_WhiteTortoise_Side_zps7542d993.jpg
These are the Ipanema - White Tortoise sunglasses and I mean how gorgeous are these? I have never seen a pair of sunglasses that are this cool. photo IpanemaSun_Black_45_zps34208829.jpgAgain these Ipanema - Black sunglasses which are my favorite of the bunch.  If you are afraid to wear printed sunglasses you can never go wrong with a black pair. I also like that these sunglasses have an interesting and unique shape.

 photo MidnightExpressSun_Blue_Face_zpsd5968245.jpgNext are these Midnight Express - Blue sunglasses which are a really nice shade of blue. These look like your classic wayfarer sunglasses but with a twist. I love the metal contrast with the sea blue. photo MidnightExpressSun_Blue_45_zpsa01869f9.jpg photo MontaukSun_FrostedTortoise_Front_zpscdf7b450.jpg
Lastly, these are the Montauk - Frosted Tortoise. I love Tortoise style printed sunglasses. Tortoise printed sunglasses are flattering on everyone. I also like the eye shape very retro.
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