March Instagram

March was definitely a crazy month. I turned 20 this month which still hasn't set in that I am that old... All in all though I am super grateful for all that I have. I celebrated my birthday weekend at Barney's in Beverly Hills where I picked up a pair of Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers in "Taupe" and my Givenchy Pandora Bag. I looked back in my blog archive to see when my first Givenchy Pandora post was and I kid you not it was three years ago! I can't believe I was obsessed with something for so long... but it goes to show if you want something bad enough there is a way! After Barney's I finished of my birthday at Katsuya in Brentwood. I also managed to fit in a trip to Malibu to surround myself with familiarity. Overall I am trying to stay healthy, happy, and stress free. xx

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