Jewelry Collection

9:30:00 AM

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I guess when you are on Spring Break you force yourself to find something to do. I thought I would share my jewelry collection. If you know me by now... you should know that I am obsessed with jewelry. It is a proven fact that I got this gene from my mother. Anyways I try to keep my jewelry as contemporary as possible. Maybe it is my age but I find with simplicity I can get more use out of my jewelry. It goes with more outfits and there is no fuss in putting it on. Lately I have been loving stacked rings and pave anything. My only rule for wearing jewelry is I don't like to mix metals. Only on speical occasions like a Day-Date Rolex watch in silver + gold... but to me it almost looks and feels dated... then again Day-Date Rolex's are dated. Jewelry is probably the best investment you can make other than buying a house, car, or stocks. It holds its value and even goes up (gold). When in doubt find a staple piece of jewelry you can wear for years to come. Basics every girl should own in their jewelry collection includes: a diamond eternity ring, gold watch, diamond earrings, and pearl earrings. Something for every occasion.. am I right.

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