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I know my last Instagram post was a bit boring so hopefully this one will make up for it. April has ended and I am at the peak of my limit. Finals are in two weeks and I am trying to stay positive. For Spring Break I ended up in Malibu where I go to my favorite Marmalade Café and then scurry off to take an insane amount of repetitive photos at the beach. (Only bloggers understand "I have to get the right picture!"). Every time I go back home, I learn to be even more grateful for how I grew up. The beauty is just the half of it. I also enjoyed seeing my family on Easter. Easter is that one holiday everyone forgets about because it is so far away from the others. Other events that occurred in the month of April included a trip to LACMA (as seen in a previous post), a little retail therapy at Brandy Melville, Sunday drives through Beverly Hills, heavy thinking over looking Santa Monica beach, and late college nights with friends. What more could you ask for being 20. Oh and also... I got a retail job for summer... high fives*. Which means more shopping, I mean saving. Really though the pain is real and I don't know what I am going to do.

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