Apartment Inspiration: A New Look for a New Apartment

I just moved into my new apartment on August 1, and I’ve been busy putting the design together. I’ve been taking a look at a lot of inspiration pictures online, and before I share the final product with you I thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the images that have inspired me. 

 Bedroom Inspiration: A flat in Berlin, from Sotheby's

I adore the minimalist design of this bedroom. The white walls are the perfect canvas for the dark accents. The beige carpet ties in the contrasting wood floors, and the airiness of the room is accentuated by a beautiful crystal chandelier. The oversized fabric headboard perfectly accents one wall while, directly across from it, you will find an oversized vase filled with large white orchids – bringing balance to the space.

 Living & Dining Inspiration: A condo in Alberta, from Comfree

I love the color and contrast of the dark wood floors to the lighter beige walls. The textured suede sectional adds a focal point to the space, which is accented by two interlocked coffee tables – one, made from driftwood, and the other more modern piece that is finished with a high-polished acrylic.

Bathroom Inspiration: An apartment in NYC, from Zillow

I love the color of the painted cabinets, accented by the polished chrome cabinet-pulls. The oversized mirror with accent decals would be perfect in the mornings when I’m getting ready and putting on my makeup. Sconces are installed in the mirror, providing additional lighting to help with your morning routine.
These are just some of the apartments that have inspired my own. The longer I stay here, the more time I’ll have to incorporate everything I love. I hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I do.
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