Apartment Accessories Tips

In order as shown:
Furbish Studio Blue Spotted Silk Pillow

I haven't quite finished moving into my apartment yet but as soon as I do I will give a tour of my apartment. I am in the mist of finding the finishing touches. I have gone for a neutral color palette of black, whites, and creams. I have found some really cute accessories that will make my apartment complete.

If you are looking to restyle your home adding any of these can help:

Pillow Slipcovers: Adding a pop of color or fun pattern can change the mood of your space. If you plan on using bright colors or busy patterns I suggest sticking with a solid color fabric for your sofa, chair, or bedding.

Candles: Candles are a cheap accessory to make a room feel more luxurious. Buy an assortment of white candles to give dimension to a space.

Vases: Vases can make a space more eye appealing and pleasant to look at. Take up gardening and cut fresh flowers for your living spaces.

Shelves: Adding shelves can make a room more interesting to look at. Find trinkets and special knickknacks to place on shelves. Shelving above your bed or desk can make a room feel less empty.

Picture Frames: Adding picture frames in various colors can give your room the dimension it needs. Instead of going for all white or black frames try mixing and matching white, black, and mirror frames with different sized frames.

Prints: Look for unique prints that can stand on its own. Don't over complicate things. Try simple strokes of bright colors or classic black and white photos of city lights.

Plants: Plants can make a space look brighter and more warm. Be creative and find a rustic or tin looking pot to put a fern in.
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