June Instagram

June was as "cliche"as summer gets. I reorganized my closet, color coordinating everything to my liking. Beach excursions almost everyday. Forcing myself to thinking running four miles on the beach has its benefits like feeling great and getting a tan. Along with exercising I have been trying to eat healthy. I visited my local TopShop at the Grove. I found two really cute summer pieces (I will do a separate post). Coconuts have found a new spot in my heart. Opening a coconut is a workout in itself. I have been using Moroccan Oil to keep my hair hydrated and less damaged from the sun. I find myself gravitating towards backpacks this summer. So much easier to carry my stuff on my back. Mid June I went up to Santa Barbara to visit family. I have lost track of how many times I have been there. It is like my second home. Overall I have been enjoying my life. 

INSTAGRAM @styleincali

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