Instagram: January

January was a nice break from college. I was able to go back home to los angeles for about a month. I missed watching sunsets and walking along the beach. more than anything i missed my family and being able to spend time with them. I did plenty of eating out. I hung out mostly in santa monica and malibu while i was home. urth cafe and marmalade food was my diet for the past month. I did a little bit of shopping picking up a few diptyque candles, plenty of books. currently reading lolita but i also received looking for alaska by john green, and plenty of marie clare and bazar magazines! It seems like the holidays go by so fast. one after the other and then we have to wait six months till we do it all over again. hope everyone had a good break. life is good. College is going well. I am happy. I plan to go skiing next month. Fingers crossed.

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