Fashion Trends for Men

Beach Fashion For Men

With summer upon us and many holidays on the cards, it’s time to invest in this season’s hottest swimwear. 

But it’s not all about the trunks, if you want to look bang on trend as you soak up the rays, you’ll also need to think about a pair of statement shades, high fashion flip-flops and perhaps even a wave-proof watch.

Buying a new summer wardrobe doesn’t have to be rocket science, but there are a few tips to follow if you want to get the look right.  Not paying attention may result in swimming trunks that droop past the knees and elastic waisted, dad-style shorts that do anything but flatter those love handles.

Whatever shape and size you may be, there is bound to be a swimwear option to suit your every need.  Men’s swimwear can be a lot easier to get right than you might think.

Swimming Trunks

If you intend to hit the beach in style, you’re going to need a pair of on-trend swimming trunks. Shorter styles in popping colours are great for the summer months, so think Club Monaco style shorts and grab a pair of trunks that show some skin.

Many men have realised that showing off their thighs isn’t the most outrageous thing to do this season. Shorter swimming trunks will also eliminate the chance of ghastly tan lines. However, if you prefer to stick to something a little more modest, a longer trunk that ends just above the knee is another good option.

These trunks can be worn with a tee and flip-flops, or alternatively plimsolls, when out and about. If you’re an active type who plans to take on some high energy sports while you’re out then you might want to consider getting a pair of lightweight trainers to complete the look. 

On-Trend Colours

Channel the athletes with a simple, solid colour and you’ll be right on trend for men's swimwear seasons. The added bonus is that blocks of colour have the ability to streamline your physique, even if you’re not a world-class athlete.

Electric shades are very much acceptable when it comes to dressing for the beach. If you opt for this look think about what you are going to team it with. A tank top usually works well as opposed to a t-shirt. 

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