Model Street Style

jean jacket with black jeans and doc martens, been there done that. love this look way too much.

denim jackets, jeans & shorts. trend of my closet. lately i've been into a lot of denim. my denim jacket is definitely going to be my go to jacket for the summer nights. i am all about mixing washes and dyes for jeans. and i am gravitating towards the acid wash. i think i can pull it off with the right outfit. and denim shorts never go out of style but trends do reappear with high waisted extra. thinking of getting shorts with zippers on the side. the only place i can think of is aa...

frida gustavsson: i want her jeans and that hat, the whole outfit actually.
amanda norgaard: love shorts like these, reminds me of my vintage levi's.
i don't get how someone can look so damn good getting into a car, what the hell. abbey always has great style and i am diggin' this white denim jacket, a twist on the regular blue denim wash.

i am going to start posting more photo's of models because they are starting to become my inspiration for everything. i am honestly getting a lot of my style from these girls. i secretly wish i had the life of a model... ugh. i'm doing a good job with the posting huh... two days in a row, woot woot!
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