Jeffrey Douma's

i don't know what it is with me and shoes but i have to have these. they are exactly what i have been looking for, for the summer. i just can't decide what color but i am leaning towards these. the only hesitation i have is regarding the heel. i am already 5'10'' and 6 more inches would make me a giant. but i don't think that will matter once i seem them on. let me know what you think.

here is the link to your wildest dreams.

music of the day

i have one more week of school before i am finally a senior. i just gotta push through it. this summer is going to be amazing. consisting of obsessive shopping with that job of mine... hopefully spending weekends at huntington beach houses. the weather needs to get it's act together now before i spend anytime at the beach. might be traveling to other places, possibly india and the usual trips up to santa barbara and down to orange county. 
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