you won't but you might

ok well i haven't done a music post in what seems like forever. so heres the music i have been obsessing over these last few days

california analog dream- vondelpark
its like a weird dream that gets better and better each time you dream it. it leaves me some what perplexed, but thats ok right...

swim club- the cave singers
ah is there anything that has more rift than this. i like things that don't try too hard.

never known love- thieves like us
kinda puts you in a narcoleptic daze of white noise, you try to stay awake but its too damn good

lotus flower- radiohead
sorta of a reminiscence of those weird thoughts no one knows your thinking, thats my interpretation of this hot mess

kites- geographer
just gets better i swear

honestly this type of music is not everyone's taste. but enough of this mainstream bullshit. let's listen to something that actually matters.

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