diamond messages

starting to get really depressed. these are on my mind 24/7. things i don't need but need. i have a watch, the marc by marc jacobs molly watch, but this michael kors chronograph watch is a must have. its the kind of watch everyone needs. my current j brands are starting to have holes in them sadly, so a new pair of these would be nice. j brands probably are my favorite pair of jeans. they just fit so nicely and i never find myself pulling up my pants like i do with most of the jeans i own. cry me a river with this bag, honestly. it is the bag of all bags and if i am patient enough i know it will soon be mine. but who's really patient when it comes to alexander wang bag's anyways? i've kind of been obsessed with jewelry the last couple of weeks and i find myself gravitating towards these two pieces. i mean this elizabeth and james knuckle ring is absolutely gorgeous and this pamela love cross ring makes me drool.
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